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Inca Archaeology
Wednesday, November 10, 2004  
This blog is dedicated to the discussion of issues relating to Inca Archaeology. The page will also link you to various sites relating to the Inca. Please email bolivpow-archfund@yahoo.com if you would like to suggest discussion topics or supply page links.

Current links:

Pambamarca, Ecuador Fortress Project led by Sam Connell and Chad Gifford.

Proyecto Inkallakta, (also known as Incallacta, Inkallajta, or Incallajta)led by Larry Coben at the monumental site of that name in Bolivia.

Carabaya Project led by Larry Coben and Chip Stanish.

Inka Archaeology, a general discussion of the Inka.

Islands of the Sun and Moon led by Chip Stanish and Brian Bauer.

Harvard Khipu Database led by Gary Urton

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